Sep 15, 2009

Just like taking the car to a mechanic

Our Directv has been acting up for months. When watching local channels, the system loses contact with the satellite. It only happens with local channels and it is totally random. Sometimes, we go hours with no problems. Other times, you can't watch for five minutes without it acting up 20 times. "Regular" Directv channels are always fine.

I called tech support about it and they walked me through a couple things. We thought we had it fixed, but within five minutes, it started acting up again. When I called tech support again, we decided to have a tech come out.

Fast forward to today. The tech is supposed to come today (it's 1pm and I have not heard from him yet). Of course, the system is working PERFECTLY. Yeah, that's right. I've been watching the TV for an hour and half at the time I am writing this, and not ONE glitch... Not even during the heavy rain we've been having.

I don't care. At this point, I letting the tech come out here and look everything over. Sure, there are better things to spend 50 bucks on, but just like going to the doctor, sometimes you have to pay for the office visit even if the symptoms aren't there from the day before...

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