Sep 5, 2009

I'm Published!

Well, it's official! After working through several short (and some are short, short) stories, and walking through the publishing process at, I have published my first collection of short stories!

You can buy the book here!

"All This Digging and other stories" is my debut collection of short fiction. Each story gives the reader a glimpse in a moment of time into the lives of the characters portrayed in each tale.

Titles included in this collection are "Hero," "Water," "All This Digging," "Blinded," "The Date," "Forgiven," "Interview," "Purple Haze," "Stupid Alarm clock," "Switcheroo," and "Dishwashers." They are stories of the mundane and of the supernatural, of love and of death.

"Hero," in its original form, appeared in the Henderson State University literary magazine, "The Proscenium" in 1999.

Different stories will appeal to different tastes. I hope hope that each reader will find a little of himself or herself in here somewhere. If not, then he or she will certainly find bits of me in each one! Good luck. Thanks for reading!

And, if you order a book during the Labor day weekend, you can take 20% off!! Just use the word WHITE when you check out!! How cool is that!?

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