Sep 22, 2009

Welcome to!

I figured since my Indians-related site was self-registered as a domain, why not this one, too?  So, I bit the bullet and now you can get here by using!  I have no idea what that means for the future of things, but it's fun and easy to remember, right?

Are you a blogspot blogger?  Have you switched to the new editor yet in your settings?  I have.  I don't care for it.  Then again, I was never big on the "WYSIWYG" editors for blogging.  I don't know why, though.  I just seem to like the raw HTML editor better.  Yes, they still have that for people like me that want the code behind the scenes, but I have no choice but to switch to "compose" view to insert pictures now. BLAH!

I guess I'll just force myself to get used to the Compose WYSIWYG mode and be done with it.  Welcome to the 20th century in 2009, right?  And they took away my SPELL CHECK! AUGH!

Just know that my posts may look a little funny for a while until I get the hang of things.   Well, that's nothing new, really, now is it?

Anyone got any cheese?  I think I need some for my whine. Speaking of cheese, I ate Mickey-D's for lunch today. I love their cheese.  To me, it tastes just like commodity cheese from when I was a kid and my grandparents would get a cardboard box of the stuff.  Man, I could eat that all day.  Hmm.. I better hit the Wii Fit.

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