Sep 18, 2009

Fantasy Football Update

I was invited to join an exclusive fantasy football league (the Super Secret League), and I tried to let the commissioner know that I was none too good at these fantasy sports things (did he not see my posts about my Indians-centric fantasy team that ended up dead last??). Alas, he would have none of it, thus the Tribecards Trouncers were born.

Now, before I get too far, my football team is *not* based on any one team. I decided that since that did not work out too well in baseball, I would try the 'mix-and-match' flavor for football. Having said that, I do have some key Steelers on my team (Big Ben, Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, Jeff Reed).

The first week turned out to be a winning week for the Trouncers. I got 75.01 'fan points' (as Yahoo! calls them), which put me in 3rd place in the league! I won't get too excited though, even the Tribecards Trundles started out strong.

I've moved some players around and dumped others that managed to find themselves on the DL list after one week of play. Really? You can't even last one whole week in the sport you are paid millions to play? There is something wrong with this picture. and, speaking of DL, I have a problem with players who have a "sprained toe" that cannot play the game. Again, Really?? Your toe hurts and you can't play football? Look, if I hurt my toe, that's one thing - I am not an athlete. Then again, if I hurt my toe, it would not stop me from doing things like... oh, I dunno... WALKING! To me, that's a bit like a NASCAR racer hurting his pinky and then complaining that he can't race. Seriously? I don't think so.

Where was I? Oh yeah, my fantasy team. I'll be posting updates on the team throughout the season. I wouldn't count on the updates following any kind of pattern, though. I'll do it when the idea pops in my head.

This week's match-up pits the Trouncers against the Turkey Buzzards. The Buzzards are favored to win by 8 points. Let's see if the Trouncers can prove the skeptics wrong!

For the record, Blogger spell-check doesn't know the word 'pinky.' How is that even possible?

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  1. > For the record, Blogger
    > spell-check doesn't know the word
    > 'pinky.' How is that even possible?

    I like the picture of the cat. He has a sort of a crazy look in his eyes. But he is beautiful.

    On the note of spell check. There is a really good program Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). It adds spell checking to all programs, including blogs.