Sep 5, 2009

On Bandwidth and Internet Access

In a recent email conversation, a colleague sent the following link:
Most people don't understand broadband...

First of all, the author based his findings on ONE friend's comment. His friend representes MOST people!? I doubt it. That's not the issue, though.

Here was my response:

Actually, I feel the opposite of what that guy concluded. Basically, my response to him would have been, "Who cares?" if he had asked me. Does it really matter if people know what bandwidth they have? I mean, I do because I'm techy at heart, but most of my relatives couldn't care less. Does it matter if they are on cable, DSL, satellite, etc? I mean, REALLY matter? No, they turn on their computer and it works. That is how life should be for the end user. In some places, there is no choice for speed or very little choice. In my case, I know what I pay and for how much bandwidth. My Mother doesn't care. She know she can afford x dollars a month and she gets internet for that amount.

My son gets online and he doesn't care how fast it is just so it does what he needs it to do. Like your telephone - do you care what kind of telco boxes are being used in order to get dial tone to your house? most folks don't. Do I care what kind of paint they used on my truck? nope. they painted it. Ah, but how about the engine you say? Maybe, but then if I were concerned with it, I would make sure I knew what I was getting.

I will be getting a car next year. I'm looking mainly as gas mileage. Do I care what engine is in the car? nope. I want a certain level of gas mileage and a certain size, etc. For me, it's the equivalent of asking someone what their bandwidth is. Who cares? It gets me where I want to go at a speed that works for me at a price I can afford...

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  1. My bandwidth? I have no idea at all. So you are right! Hell, I don't even know what bandwidth means!!!