Sep 6, 2009

40 Glove Songs

Not only is this another one of my "40 Things" lists, but this one is all about gloves. Well, really it's about changing the word 'love' for 'glove(s)' in the titles of songs. The one rule I have is that it has to actually make some kind of sense!

  1. All Out of Gloves
  2. You Give Gloves a Bad Name
  3. Looking for Gloves in all the Wrong Places
  4. Saving all my gloves for you
  5. Gloves (are) a many splendor thing
  6. Gloves on the rocks
  7. All of my Gloves
  8. Where is the glove?
  9. Glove Song
  10. Abandoned glove
  11. I just wanna use your gloves tonight
  12. An everlasting glove
  13. Because you gloved me
  14. Born to give my glove to you
  15. Can you feel the glove tonight?
  16. Chapel of gloves
  17. Endless gloves
  18. Feel like making gloves
  19. Game of glove
  20. The greatest glove of all
  21. Hurts to be in gloves
  22. I love being in gloves with you
  23. I need gloves
  24. Let's talk about gloves
  25. Lost in gloves
  26. Gloves don't cost a thing
  27. Glove by another name
  28. Glove of my life
  29. Making gloves out of nothing at all
  30. Power of gloves
  31. Sea of gloves
  32. Stop in the name of gloves
  33. We're in this glove together
  34. When we make gloves
  35. You give good gloves
  36. Your glove amazes me
  37. Girl don't take your glove from me
  38. Glove shack!
  39. We got a groovy kind of glove
  40. All you need are gloves

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