Sep 19, 2009

66 Block in the house?

Okay, I have been troubleshooting an issue with the telephone wiring at the house. I refuse to pay a monthly fee for 'maintenance' because I ran the wires myself.

But, I would like to move from the scenario we have now to a situation where the wires are actually all inside the house. Like a business would be set up, basically.

As it sits right now, we have one (1) phone number (1 line) that comes in to the NID (network interface device). From there, we have four (4) lines that go to various phones in the house. All this takes place outside at the NID box. Here is what I would "like" to do:

In this situation, I have a single line that runs from the NID into the house to a punch-down block (I assume). Then, that punch-down block services any and all phone we have in the house, including DSL. Now, I have two questions:

1) Could someone explain in PLAIN ENGLISH how I would accomplish this? I've looked online and it's ugly what I have found - very confusing)?

2) If we move to an Ethernet connection from our telephone company, are there issues with having things set up the way I want them? By Ethernet, I'm talking a 10Mb/sec connection (believe it or not, we are slated to get that here in Prescott, Arkansas VERY soon!)?

Any help, guidance, web resources, etc, are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Thought I'd get the ball rolling here, I posted this over at FB too - sorry for the redundancy:

    Is an NID the telco box with the screw on it to hold it shut? ... or does it have active electronics in it? Also, if you get a 10Mb Ethernet connection, what type of physical connection will it be? ...a "real" Ethernet hand-off (in the shape of an RJ-45?) Or an upgraded DSL modem and increased phone bill? (well, the increased bill will probably come REGARDLESS of the physical layer - it's that darn layer 8 of the OSI model that they don't teach in school - the FINANCIAL layer LOL.
    Anywho, a thought just "popped in MY head" LOL -
    What about using a small patch panel and run the phone connections over connections 7&8 (which are unused in all but Gb Ethernet - that way you could connect computers, Ethernet, phones, whatever and wherever, and just use bulk Cat5 for the cabling?