Sep 25, 2009

Wolves, Candy Apples, and other random bits of useless information

The Prescott Curley Wolves won 62-0 tonight!!  Wahoo!  We went to the game in part because this weekend is Shan's graduating class reunion for 20 years!  The game was fantastic and at halftime, the marching band a combination of songs.  One of the songs was Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" which was GREAT!  The band even did a modified version of the famous "lean" in the video...

Emily and Parker were goofing around, so I snapped a picture of them and their big, cheesy grins!  Emily's "sign" reads, "GO WOLVES!"  She had the spirit!

I have been craving candy/caramel apples as of late.  The last one I ate was covered in caramel AND multi-colored sprinkles!  I was on a sugar high for several hours after eating that puppy!  Man, was it good!

I received an email from my boss today, letting me know that some of our equipment was missing from the vault.  That was followed by a response from my other boss that she was very nervous about the situation.  She wasn't the only one!  I did a quick survey of things and was able to come up with half the laptops that were missing.  After John got back to the office, I told him what was going on, and he reminded me that we had stored some equipment in our tech closet because the vault had been locked that day.  DUH! That's right!  So, we had half the laptops and all the other equipment.  I took a walk up to the vault where I found the rest of the laptops.  You see, when I read the email, I saw, "none of the laptops are in the vault" but what it really said was something like "some of the laptops."  Whew!  So, that was VERY good news - especially for my job security!

I will be teaching on Saturday.  There is a group of about 30 people who are working on their non-traditional licensure. That means they have a degree but not in teaching, so they can take classes to earn a teaching certificate as long as they pass the class and pass the teaching test(s).  So, I'll be showing them collaborative projects and talking about project-based learning.  It should be fun!  And if not, well, they only have to put up with me for one day, right?

Are you a writer?  Would you like to try your hand at it without a huge committment?  Then, the 2nd annual flash fiction contest might be for you!  Check it out here:
Flash fiction is super short and I'm sure there are other factors.  The link will lead you to some samples so you can get an idea as to what they are looking for.  I'm going to  submit at least one just for fun.  why not, right?  We only live once...

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