Sep 11, 2009

Random Friday Thoughts

I realize this is old news for some folks out there, but I am just now catching up on several tech magazines I receive. this was a blurb in one of them (condensed and paraphrased):

Kevin Mitnick, one of the original computer/network hackers to be caught and then given a job in IT security, recently had to switch web hosting companies because *HIS* presence on that host was causing tons of people to hack the web site. Something of a "What goes around, comes around..." Nice.

On Thursday, I had something of a breakthrough with a SharePoint installation/set-up. You may know/remember from previous posts or my ramblings on FaceBook that I have been helping a school district move their IIS/Dreamweaver-based web site over to SharePoint. Much of the time spent thus far has been on the backend/behind-the-scenes stuff. But this past Thursday, we actually started moving content and laying the groundwork for the structure of the new site. It was the first time I had seen the tech's eyes light up and he actually got excited about where things were going!

That made me feel better about suggesting this route to begin with. I was beginning to think the tech was wondering why he was bothering with all this stuff in the first place. Once it is done, though, teachers will have a place to post classroom information/lessons/assignments/etc, to keep parents informed, and to keep up with what's happening at the district. Administrators will be able to communicate with teachers, staff and parents/community as well. And when the time comes to move to the next version, there will be even more very cool things to do inside the system!

Like I said, I'm just happy to see the tech is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have purchased a book through LULU.COM lately, go back to the site and check your order status! If you see any problems with your order, use the "help" then "email support" option to let them know ASAP! Also, if it has been more than 3-4 days since you ordered and the book has not been printed, notify support (then REPLY to the email you get from them).

You MUST reply to their generic reply in order to have the situation escalated to a human actually doing anything. I have talked with a couple folks (people who have ordered and an author) and they are all having issues with LuLu right now. The more noise we make about it, the faster I think (HOPE!) we'll get some of these issues resolved.

Along the same lines, THANK YOU to everyone who has been buying copies of my book!! :-) I hope you enjoy it once you get it!!

Update to the LuLu thing... My Mom got a notification that her book has shipped. That is great news! I hope everyone that orders my book gets theirs, too! I can deal with the tech support folks about the issues I'm having with their reporting system, but what matters most to me is that you get your book when you buy one!

I had a videoconference today about tech plans and while that was informative and entertaining (mainly afterward when a bunch of got on there and started cheering the Steelers for last night's game!), I had a great time with Jeff from Hope schools. He has a new Mac and was showing off the very cool things he was doing with it. Of course, I can't remember it all now, but we looked at some great networking tools, Windows 7 running in Parallels, a whole bag of toys he got from one of his intern/helpers/students (not sure just what Greg is...). Very cool stuff!!

it's reality show clip time...

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