Oct 4, 2009

SharePoint, a Chair Party, and Sporting 3D Glasses

On Wednesday, I worked with Doug at Prescott Schools.  We took care of a couple of work order-related issues, then went back to work on their upcoming SharePoint launch.  The experience has given me a huge insight into the workings of SharePoint theme and CSS styles, etc.

Thursday had me prepared to pull/run network cabling through the ceilings of Bradley Elementary School.  However, when I got there, that project was put on hold.  So, instead, I helped knock out work orders.  Many of the work orders are related to the connectivity issues at the Elementary building, so once we have that fixed, those will be taken care of.  The other work orders dealt with issues at Middle  and High School.  Because these were things that occur at many districts, I opted to jot down my thoughts and findings at the tech blog we host at work http://techblog.k12.ar.us/.

I planned to use Friday to set up and install some new computers at the office.  All was going well until I talked with Lindy (my 'big' boss, the Director). She informed me that we would be having a "chair party" Friday afternoon.  What is a chair party?  That is where we round up as many able bodies as we can to assemble the new chairs Lindy ordered for the new building.  We have about 90 in all, I think.  The group that we managed to cobble together included Lynne, Gina, Vicki, Lindy, Karen, Judy, John, myself and I'm sure at least another person or two.  In the two and half hours we assembled chairs, we managed to put together about 32 chairs.  Not bad at all.  Once we found the groove, it actually wasn't too bad.

On Saturday, we had been invited to go hang out with Michelle, Greg, Sarah and Jessica!  We had a GREAT time!  Greg grilled Hawaiian chicken, pork chops, ribs, and brats.  We also had baked beans, mac-n-cheese, salad, and cookies.  We spent the evening talking, laughing, and playing the Wii (or watching others playing!).

Shan iss watching the kids play Wii.  Dave is checking to see if texting has been turned on yet on his phone.  Not yet.  But soon hopefully!

A picture of Michelle taking a picture of Tyler.

Greg enjoying thhe great supper he cooked us!

Dave enjoying one of the cookies!

Sarah and Tyler playing the Wii.  Tyler might win if he would just open his eyes...

Michelle having fun figuring out Toy Story Mania in 3D!

Shan and Michelle team up in TSM3D!

Dave is concentrating too hard...

Greg sporting the 3D specs during his turn at TSM3D.

The kiddos are hanging out!

Michelle and Greg are swinging the remotes to win points!

A trio of trouble...

Emily is jamming out in 3D!

Chillin, textin, 3D-in'

By the end of the night, Greg had to help Jessica put a smile on her face. :-)

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  1. You are finally getting text messaging on your phone! Yea! You would think with all the technology you have access to, that would have been one of the first toys on your phone!!!