Oct 25, 2009

(almost) 40 Favorite "Scary" Movies

Call them horror, scary, gory, whatever.  I am only including movies that I have actually seen.  There are a lot of scary movies that have been made, but I just haven't seen them.  These are 40 of my favorite scary movies:

  1. Poltergeist (yeah, it's the clown. Sue me)
  2. Embryo (freaked me out in 4th grade)
  3. Cube - The first time I saw it, I was captivated and freaked out at the same time. I knew then I had to have DVD. One of my all-time favorite movies, though I think I forgot to put it on that list. LOL.
  4. Friday 13th (the original, and only the first one. After that, they were stupid)
  5. Halloween 3 (the only one I saw and the music always reminds me of "every little thing she does is magic"  Seriously, listen to both and tell me it's not there)
  6. Saw (I am lumping them all together here. They are awesome scary/gory)
  7. The Day After (I was a kid when this came out and it freaked me out. Nuclear war fallout. scary)
  8. Carrie (freaky bloody chick. 'nuff said)
  9. Pet Semetary (Shan had a cat that looked just like the one in the movie)
  10. "The Doll" - not a full movie, but scary enough for me. Freaky!
  11. Funny Games (the original, not the remake. scary neighbors are freaky!)
  12. The Blob (80's version) - Another reason to stay out of the lake.
  13. Nightmare on Elm Street (the first one, original only. Remakes suck, as do sequels in most cases)
  14. The Omen
  15. Brainstorm - Christopher Walken and a bunch of guys make high-tech sensory playback "tapes."  It scared me to think of what people could do to themselves with computers. I loved it!
  16. Amityville Horror
  17. The Brood (I saw this on HBO or something as a kid late one night.)
  18. Videodrome (As an avid television watcher, it just freaked me out)
  19. The Ring. Who knew a sealed well could scare the tar out of you?
  20. Jaws. Again, as a kid, I wouldnt swim for months after this.  I just realized I saw most of these as a kid.  How did THAT happen!?
  21. The Shining. Jack Nicholson. 'Nuff said.
  22. Child's Play. Yeah, I have a problem with freaky little dolls that attack.
  23. Alien. Holy cow that was a big scary monster.
  24. The Grudge - one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. Freaky kids.
  25. Psycho - The original. The fact it was black-and-white only made it scarier.
  26. The Birds - something about animals turning tails and attacking people is just scary.
  27. Henry: Portrait of Serial Killer.  Two guys get off on watching the people they videotape killing.
  28. American Psycho. I actually liked this a lot.  It was bizarre.
  29. Blue Velvet. Yeah, it was sexy, but man it was outright crazy!
  30. Cabin Fever - I saw this on IFC or something. It is "B" for sure, but the whole "dogs-eye-view" things was just priceless horror.
  31. Fatal Attraction. I had gone out with a girl that I was pretty sure the movie was based on.  Of course, most guys think that.
  32. Single White Female. In the same vein - freaky chicks, man.
  33. House of Wax - the remake. Okay, yeah, that one bugged me.  Wax figures are freaky. Period.
  34. The Sixth Sense - I made the mistake of watching the extras on the DVD before the movie, so a lot of things were 'spoiled.'  The girl who had been poisoned by her mother though... The first time I saw it, it freaked me out.
  35. Ginger Snaps
Okay, well, I came close.  I'm sure I could come up with the last five, but I see now it would be really stretching it.

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  1. Nice list. I haven't seen that many of the films that are on your list... The Shining, Alien, Fatal Attraction, The Sixth Sense.

    I like the older campy Vincent Price does Poe films.