Oct 11, 2009

Trouncers Fantasy Football Update (Week 4)

Been a long week for Trouncers Manager --David, so this update (Week 4) comes just in time for this week's games to begin for Week 5!

Basically, nothing changed (or very little) in the way of standings. The Trouncers are still in the middle of the pack at 2-2-0 in fifth place. The league has two teams that are 3-1-0 (Leprechauns and "!"), while only two teams are undefeated (Giants and Buzzards).

As fate would have it, the Trouncers are playing the Giants this week, hoping to add a loss to the Giants record. The Trouncers are predicted to win, so we will see how things unfold during the day.

The Buzzards, the other undefeated team, are playing against the Leprechauns. The Buzzards are also predicted to lose, so we could see the two undefeated teams fall away this week.

If the Trouncers can pull off the win, they might be able to shift up to the fourth position in the league, but the top three are pretty well set this week. A lot of it depends on what the "!" do, though, and just how many points the Trouncers can rack up.

The Trouncers are actually in bad shape when it comes to the points. If the league were based solely on points, the Trouncers would find themselves currently in 7th place (out of 10) instead of 5th!

Here's hoping this week brings some big points from Big Ben, helping the Trouncers grab some of those coveted fantasy points and a big win.

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