Oct 22, 2009

Notes from the E-Rate Technology Summit in LR

These are my (very) rough notes from my recent visit to Little Rock for an E-Rate Technology Summit:

John Ahlen, Director, Arkansas Science and Tech Authority - 

Abilene Paradox - people do things as a group they would not do as individuals.  

Stockdale Paradox - it was the optimists who died in war prisons - we must never confuse our faith that we will prevail in the end with the brutal facts we are faced with in reality.

world is flat, blah blah.  "Did you know?" video.

Beloit college mindset list.

Stuart Elliot whitepaper "Projecting Impact of Computers on Work in 2030" - workforce skills for 2030 - language, vision, reasoning, movement - speaker is talking about a PC that will do this. He is saying things based on the whitepaper.  Theoretically, 60% of all occupations will require computer experience for employees.

EAST project.  Tim Stevenson, creator of EAST.  

john.ahlen@arkansas.gov (http://www.asta.ar.gov


Rick Martin

Wireless with Erate.  Networking, etc.

Be sure if you pay for installation of cable, specify that all cables are labeled!  Document the wiring in addition to labeling.

DIS can help spec out cable jobs, determine quality of job.

Switches - Managed is ideal

Stack-type switches are generally well-to-do in schools.  Most stacked switches have a proprietary cable for the back to perform stacking without taking up ports on the front.

In managed environment, you can view stats on the switch and find problem areas on your network.  Also can look at your configuration of ports - speed, up/down, duplex, etc.  Can also use command line interface to see information.

Layer 2 - 1 large flat network with one broadcast domain

Layer 3 - divide your network into smaller broadcast domains, ability to subnet IP's and manage multiple gateways (like what Doug /jeff?/ is doing on his network).

Power over Ethernet - used mainly to power remote devices (IP Phones, WAPs, Cameras, etc).  

Building to Building connections
--Fiber is best
--Wireless bridging
--Copper (direct connect is bad choice because of electrical issues)

New Building
--Get Network Infrastructure in the plans early
--Wiring closets
--Switch infrastructure
--Cabling ducts
--Wiring Infrastructure
--Cheaper to build into plan than to add later

Refer to Arkansas Utilities Commission requirements for space requirements, ventilation, etc.


The connected generation sees technology as their oxygen.

Wireless more secure than the jack in the wall at most places.  

Unite all services into one network via IP.  

Wireless virus protection and intrusion detection options.

802.11n - more streams and multipaths

Cisco M-Drive with ClientLink - delayed dual transmission provides better signal strength to legacy wireless clients (a/g).  

Detect rogue APs and clients.  Secure guest access.

RFID - passive and active types.  


Tandberg Content Server - videocasts converted into mpg, etc for on-demand, delayed playback on various devices.

kc3 - kids creating content - tandberg contest.

http://kc3.cilc.org - registrations open to nov 20 - get your kids to participate now!

DIS - broadband optimization
Don McDaniel, DIS

Three sites in pilot:
--Governor's mansion - frame relay t1
--Vilonia School District - 4.5 ATM IMA
--DHS Pine Bluff - 3M ATM IMA

Cisco was chosen for WAAS

(note pricing removed for public consumption)

Schools may go directly to DIS for this if they are willing to pay for the service.


Tech plan addendum and deadline - Dec 11, 2009 deadline
--new products or services reported in the funding year 2010 eligible services list.
--new construction or renovated that are not listed in 2009-2012 approved plan.
--Non-instructional facilities not listed on the approved list

Must be completed online, but signature page must be mailed in.

Form 486 08-09 due 10/28/09

471 LAB Dec 1-3, register online

Form 479 - Feb 2010

Tech plan 2012-2015 start in january 2010 for submission online spring 2011

9-12 november 10th, advanced e-rate video conference.  


Erate P-II
--end user equipment not eligible
--two-in-five rule
--pro-rate ineligible portion 

sld products list
py 2009 eligible services list

what is discount?
-group of schools
-individual schools

where is district in 2-in-5? Watch this! Only get funding twice in five years.

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