Sep 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

On Saturday, I loaded up the ol' RV trailer and trucked it in my Hemi to Hot Springs. My brother and his wife are going to "rent-to-own" it from me. I've had the trailer (30-footer plus a slide out) since 2004, but have only used it a couple times. Let's just say it was one of of those "midlife crisis" purchases. Most guys get a sports car. I always envisioned getting a 'Vette. Instead, I got a 30-foot travel trailer and a Hemi. Yeah, that's the kind of crisis it was...

So, not long ago, my brother calls up wanting the payment info etc. We worked everything out, and they came down last weekend to clean it. I took it to them this weekend. I have never driven the thing on the Interstate, and never further than about 45 miles down the road. Saturday, I drove it about 30 miles down I-30 then however long it is to Hot springs on Hwy 7 - a twisting son-of-a-gun.

There were only two 'real' scares and both of those came as the result of the trailer wanting to join itself with the 18-wheeler passing us by. I figured it must be some kind of 'trailer mating ritual.' There would no offspring here, though!

The trip wasn't bad at all, even without a sway bar (don't want one, don't even know what it does, just hear other RVers talk about 'em). The hardest part was getting the big ol' thing onto the pad. The turning area was minimal at best, quite literally stuck between two large rocks and two ditches. I have a Hemi, not a 4x4. Oh well, all that matters is that we got the thing in there with the help of one of my brother's friends.

The trip back home was much smoother, and MUCH faster! :-) All that's left where the trailer was is dead grass in the shape of a rectangle and the tall weedy grass where I had not yet chopped down with the weedeater.

I spent much of Sunday and part of Monday working on my Indians baseball card collection. I had hundreds (okay, more than a thousand) that I had not yet entered into my card database. That sounds geeky, I know, but when one has over 7,400 non-duplicated cards of a single team, one needs to have SOME kind of method to determine duplicates!

I also did a little work on the 'logo' for my blog... I'm still trying things out, but this is the latest incarnation:

Emily helped me put many of the cards into their respective binders, but I still have a ways to go... On the up side, I discovered a whole slew of cards I can use for upcoming trades!

We had a cookout with hot dogs, steak, chicken, plus cole slaw, cake, and other goodies. We spent most of the day watching the news about the hurricane and about Palin's pregnant daughter. allow me to comment on both:

Gustav - Lots of water, but not as big a "storm of the century" as had been predicted. This is good news for the folks that live in the gulf region. I cannot help but wonder how times the weather service can "cry wolf" though before people will ignore the warnings...

Palin - Big friggin deal. Her daughter's pregnant and is going to marry the baby's father. Well, that's more than Britney Spears can say. I'm glad Obama stood up and said he was the child of an 18 year-old mother. At least he didn't throw in anything about a virgin birth...

Obama - There is a LOT of talk about Obama being the antichrist. While I suppose anything is possible, I just have a hard time wrapping my brain around that one... Though, much more press has been written about Palin and her daughter than there has been about Obama and his religious beliefs, his non-flag saluting beliefs, and his removing the American flag from his plane to put up his own logo. I'm just sayin...

So, this election, America will either have a non-white President or a female Vice President. It's a big deal to Americans, but much of the rest of the world is saying, "So what?" They've already had non-white leaders, and England has been ruled by Queens since its inception. Okay, maybe 'ruled' is a little strong with Parliment and all, but I'm sure you get the general idea....

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