Sep 20, 2008

Dora the Explorer Animal Adventures fix

I was sure I had posted this fix on here before, but I couldn't find it, so here it is:

I now have a probable fix for the Dora Animal Adventures SecuROM
Please download this alternate EXE file:

(copy & paste the entire link into your web browser, some e-mail
will break the link into 2 or more pieces which will prevent it from

1. Unzip this file to your Desktop
2. Browse to the folder where you installed Dora Animal Adventures
C:\Program Files\Atari\Dora Animal Adventures)
3. Copy the unzipped file (Dora_Animal_Adv.exe) to the folder in step 2
4. When prompted to overwrite an old file, select "Yes".
5. Launch the game normally.

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