Sep 15, 2008

Impatience, Facebook, whatever else

I got to work this morning and had to start up the servers that I had shut down over the weekend. The way things work, I am supposed to boot the main server first, wait for it to load up, then boot the other servers. Well, in my zeal to get things back in operation this morning, I did not wait.

Let me tell you, Windows Server running DHCP, DNS, and Exchange is not a happy camper without the main Domain Controller being booted up first! Learn from my mistake, young networking padawans: Exercise patience, stress will you avoid.

I have really been enjoying playing around on Facebook. I've found some friends from college that I had lost touch with, and became friends with some folks that I know from media/entertainment. One such friend is Hannah Blaylock, formerly of Eden's Edge! They're the group we all went to see last year. Another is Taylor Mali, who is a great slam poet, public speaker. I also found some Indians players that I've connected to, which is VERY cool!!

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