Sep 4, 2008


Some of you know my extreme dislike of combining foods. I'm a non-mixer by nature. Don't even let my different foods touch each other if at all possible! Seriously, if I could eat off those 'compartment plates' all the time, I'd be good to go.

There are some things that I do combine, though. One of the 'treats' I eat every once in a blue moon is something I picked up from my Dad - bananas in milk.

I usually put a little sugar on it, but I love the combination of flavors that comes from it. When Dad made the concoction, he always called it "Blanners-n-Milk." I made some last night, and it took me for stroll down memory lane.... Here's to you, Dad!

1 comment:

  1. All that was missing was the rice krispies!