Sep 6, 2008

Texas Cheese Fries

Really, I should just let the post stand on the title alone...

After we rolled out of bed this morning (I slept later than Shan did), we cleaned house, hung out and I took Shan to Texas Roadhouse for an early birthday supper.

We loves us some Roadhouse! Today, the steaks were FANTASTIC! I tried their chili, and though it had an okay taste, there was just something about it that didn't sit right with my taste buds. That's okay, it just means I had more room for steak and cheese fries. :-)

After we got back home, we watched a little TV then it was time to head outside for some yard work. Mom is having some kind of 'spa party' on Sunday, so Shan drove the riding mower while I wielded the weedeater so that we could tackle her yard.

What is Shan getting for her birthday? You'll have to wait until next weekend before THAT is revealed! :-)

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