Sep 7, 2008

Facebook revisited

Okay, a while ago, I posted a message FaceBook and MySpace. I left FaceBook in the dust, never to return. Or so I thought.

The other day, I got an email from a friend of ours that we haven't seen in years, saying that he asked to added as a friend. So, I logged in and suddenly found myself searching endlessly for people I know, people I used to know, and people I thought it would be cool to know.

So, for now, my IADD (Internet Attention Deficit Disorder) is locked into the world of Facebook. The one thing I don't care to do is update my 'status' or whatever it's called. That's like Twitter. Really, do people need or even WANT to know what I'm doing RIGHT NOW!? Surely not.

I have no idea what the link is to my Facebook, so just search for my name and look for the baseball card... :-)

Emily decided she wanted to play with some cars tonight, so she got out the roads she and her brother have and put them together. She played for a while by herself and then I joined her for some "hot wheels" fun. :-) When I play with the kids, I like to watch how they play. Emily went and picked out gas pumps so the cars could refuel. She also got a car carrier truck so that cars that run out of gas far from the pumps can get a lift!

After we played, she went to see her Mimi. As I am writing this, she came back home to tell me that I could take a bowl, fill it with potato chips, then squirt chocolate syrup over the chips and eat them... I'm not thinking so.... LOL

You just never know what'll pop in my head next....

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