Aug 4, 2008

Sometimes, you just gotta respond...

A fellow tech sent me the following link to an article addressed to teachers about tech staff:

Well, I wish the article would allow comments. While it is an interesting read, the author’s general attitude toward non-techies just sucks. It’s funny how he speaks so condescendingly about the very people that he says are condescending to ‘techies in general.’ Baloney. GIGO is what I say, or in this case CICO (Condescension In Condescension Out). Why do the teachers HE works with act the way they do toward him? Look at how he talks to and about them. His whole tirade about teachers flaunting their degrees around… Give me a break. Frankly, I think the guy needs some cheese to go with his whine. To that end, how many of us know TECHS that flaunt their certifications around just like that?? More than we wish, I’m sure. And so far as I can remember, I have NEVER had anyone flaunt their education at me as if I were some stooge. Then again, I don’t talk to people like they’re idiots, either.

Some of his ideas for change are spot-on, but others are truly one-sided – from the tech’s standpoint only. Instead of whining about the fact that the teachers in his example kept installing wireless, he should have educated them as to why an open wireless system is bad and why they can’t just bring in their own devices. In addition, had he set up his network to block such problems in the first place (or do it after the first event), he wouldn’t have had the problem over and over again. And, it’s obvious that he had no real reason for not installing wireless (even secured) or else he would have shared that in his article.

That whole paragraph about expecting the teacher to read everything about the program and know what dhcp servers are etc etc. is ludicrous. I agree that the parties need to sit down and talk about why a new program is good and what obstacles might be faced. Take the techie to lunch a few times!? Give me a break. Maybe this guy needs to find another line of work. And don’t even get me started on the “All Microsoft-centric shops are scared silly of Linux” junk…

Well, actually, I decided to log in and add my own disclaimer to the article:

NOTE: This article expresses ONE IT Staff person's point of view and in NO WAY does it reflect every (or dare I say many) school IT staff's opinions. Not all IT staffers talk so condescendingly to or about the faculty, staff, and administration they serve every day. There are many (way too many) generalizations in this article that should be taken with a pound of salt while reading. Anywhere you see broad, sweeping generalizations (such as the entire section on Microsoft-centric IT shops), please know that the thoughts expressed by the original author of this article are in no way indicative of many of the IT shops (Microsoft or otherwise) that I have worked for and with in my 10+ years experience as a K12 technology staff person.

I think someone spilled his Wheaties, and he posted years of built-up frustration for the world to see in a manner that did not sit well with me at all. That’s just my two cents…

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