Aug 28, 2008

All work and all play

On Wednesday, Emily was looking around the house for something to play and she came across the Whitman punchout books I bought last spring. She asked if we could build 'one of the puzzle books.' She picked out the 'Tiny Zoo' and we got to punching out. And punching out. And punching out. Then, there was assembly. I finally got the tape because these books are so old (some are from the year I was born!) that they did not stay together without some help.

After we put everything together, we played and played! I remember playing with the pop-out books and little people and houses etc as a kid, so to be playing with them now with MY child was great fun! Thursday night, Emily decided she wanted to make another town (or more specifically have ME make the town), so she chose the 'Tiny Shopping Mall' which has a billion pieces and parts!

After I put everything together, we played with both sets. It's funny that these are from the 70's because there is one character that is wearing bell bottoms with heart patches and purple and is holding a record (yes, as in LP) and Emily loves her, calling her the "Hip-hop girl." :-)

I spent all morning helping one of the area schools install computers in their computer lab. That is one of my favorite things to do. I love the lab environment, whether installing computers, setting up software, whatever. I guess I have some of Henry Ford in me, because it is the 'assembly line' feel of moving from one station to the next that I like so much. I had forgotten about setting up the computer lab at the co-op this summer, but before that one, it had been years since I set up a lab.

Though I enjoyed my job as the Distance Learning Coordinator for the co-op, I heave the heart and soul of a Technology Coordinator - I'm a techie at heart and there's just no escaping it - not that I would want to! :-)

The other day, I had mentioned that I was an idiot and did not get a picture of Melissa Lawson singing the National Anthem at the Rangers game. Shortly after that message was posted, I received a VERY cool message from her husband!

You just never know who's out there checking things out!

If you missed the comments posted a bit ago, there was one in there from a member of the family that makes the US Gov't Skilcraft pens, too!! I need to see if there's a way to get some of those little black government pens... :-)

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