Aug 16, 2008

Emily's Sleepover, HP Media Vault, School Starting

Emily spent the night at a friend's house last night. We fully expected to get that phone call which comes in at about two o'clock in the morning, but it never came. We woke up this morning in disbelief. After watching a couple episodes of "The Soup," and cleaning the house, Emily came home again.

She said they had a lot of fun at Sara's house! We are very proud of her overnight stay away from home at a friend's house. :-)

I recently acquired an HP Media Vault. The network storage device has a very slick interface, and most importanly allows us to back up our desktops and laptops, plus gives us a place to share documents, pictures, videos, music and more.

Once I have the software installed on all our computers, I am going to show Shan and the kids how to grab music from the share and save it to their MP3 players. They can also watch videos I have saved to the network.

I like the automatic backups, in case things go wrong. :-)

School starts on Monday for our kiddos. The summer went by pretty fast for them! Tyler asked me the other day, "What happened to summer? It feels like we just got off school!" I remember those days....

Things are going very well over at the TribeCards Scratch-off Tournament on my Indians cards site. We've had some smack-talking between players, even between those in different matches! :-) Shan and I have been laughing at some of the banter going on over there.

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