Aug 13, 2008

My Little Helper

I showed a group of 45+ teachers in one district some very helpful and fun web sites related to Arkansas History. Emily came with me. She used my EeePC and watched "Toy Story 2" while I taught the workshop. Afterward, several teachers came up to talk to Emily and tell her what a VERY well-behaved child she is. Some were surprised to learn that she is already six. :-)

When we left there, I had to stop by another district to get their video system certified for use this school year on the state video network. The principal asked me if I was going to run the 'extra' network connection in one of the distance learning labs. Emily and I found the cabling and ends in the next room. I grabbed a ladder from maintenance, and Emily pulled wire from the box. As I climbed up and down the ladder, opening ceiling tiles, she fed the cabling to me. She made the job so much easier than had I been alone to do the job! After we pulled the cable, she helped me try to get the cable fed down the utility pole. After we got the wiring where it needed to be, Emily watched as I put the connectors on the ends of the cable. Then, she got up on my shoulders so that she could plug the one end into the switch on the wall. :-)

She was a GREAT helper today!

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