Aug 2, 2008

Mac Attack

This afternoon, I decided to try my hand at Boot Camp. What is it? It's software that came wth my Mac that allows me to install Windows XP (or Vista, if I was sadistic enough) on my MacBook laptop. LOL, okay, it's not MY MacBook, per se, but it is the one I use. In fact, now that it has XP on it AND Mac OS X, I am permanently putting my Toshiba in the group of laptops that we use for portable workshops.

My biggest complaint about using the MacBook is the touchpad. Macs do not have a right-click button, so in order to right-click, I have to place two fingers on the touchpad then click the button. It's a little awkward, but something I can certainly live with!

Why would anyone want to run BOTH operating systems on one computer? Because I'm still learning the Mac, but I need to be able to work in the apps that I use everyday. Plus, I have some other ideas I want to try and it makes it easier to do that while toting around one laptop.

What about my EeePC? Oh, I still use it and love it. In fact, I recently bought Microsoft Streets and Trips and plan to use it on my EeePC with my GPS puck. I think that'll be very cool!!

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