Sep 19, 2006

Where'd I go?

It has been a few days since my last post on here. That does not mean that I have had nothing pop in my head for this long... :-) The funny thing about this head of mine is that I tend to FORGET what it is I was going to blog...

So, for now, I'll start with the Steelers... In case you hadn't heard by now, they lost their second game of the season 0-9 against Jacksonville. Now, the biggest news was the return of "Big Ben" just 14 or so days after his appendectemy. I've had an appendectemy. If I recall, after 14 days, I was at the "Holy crap, I think they left a scalpel in there!" stage. It is my understanding they do things differently these days. "In my day," (now I sound REALLY old) they made a 2-3 inch cut across the right side of your belly and worked their magic, which led to about 6 weeks of recovery for the "average" person. Okay, granted, Ben would not be considered 'average' since he is in top physical form as a professional quaterback. But, still... FOURTEEN days!?

Now, I am not into making excuses. Jacksonville kicked our ever-loving rear ends. Yeah, it was only 9-0... The Steeler defense was AWESOME up until the very last part of the game. In fact, both teams did an incredible job of defense. The reason the score was 9-0 was because the Jags were held to 3 field goals. That says a lot for both teams.... Let's just hope Pittsburgh learns from this... :-)

Since I still can't remember what I was going to write about, let's just see what pops in my head....

I am WAY behind in my online class... Hopefully I'll get caught up pretty quickly. This time, the class is for a different certification (yu may recall, I recently earned my PBS online facilitator certification)... Maybe it's burn-out, maybe it's laziness, maybe a bit of both, who knows.. :-)

The Cleveland Indians are taking reservations for Fantasy Camp. For $4500, a person can go to Florida and live out their dreams, becoming an Indian for a week. Play with pros, learn from Hall of Famers, get very cool stuff.... Uh, did I mention it costs $4500!? Let's see, for about $2500, I can go to Cowboy College (that's Cowboy-U for those that watch CMT), and still have change left over... :-) I see why they call it "Fantasy Camp!" If I win the lottery, I'll have Fantasy Camp on my list of things to do!

So, yeah, one guy won the mega lottery... He won 160+ million bucks, and after taxes, fees, etc, he "only" got 61 million... Okay, yeah, he won 160+ and got 60+... A lot of people will moan and groan about this... Me!? I'm thinking, "Hey, I just won 60+ million friggin dollars here!" So, what would I do with 60+ million bucks? The first thing I would do is take 10% and give it to various churches, charities, etc... After that, pay off my debt. I would share the windfall with family, of course, but what we're talking about here is what I would do with it... One thing I would is set up a scholarship foundation. Not sure what the qualifications would be, but it would be for college to help students go to college... Then, I'd invest a chunk of it. Okay, now that my responsible side has been taken care of, we're talking STUFF... :-) I would buy my Corvette. Not a brand new one. No way. The value of those things drops through the floor at first, so I'd get a Vette that was a little older... Escpecially since it would be my first... :-) Of course, there's the Indians Fantasy Camp and Cowboy College. Yes, I would do both. You only live once - might as well learn how to ride a bull, right? :-) Would I quit my job? SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS... Uh, yeah. Right after I called my lawyer (right after I GET a lawyer), I'd put in my two weeks notice. No, I wouldn't just walk out the door.... That's not fair.... Then, I'd concentrate on my Indians baseball card collection...

Yes, I collect Indians baseball cards. I have over 5000 unduplicated singles. I have been an Indians fan since I was about 5 years old. I am not a nut-case fanatic.... I just have always loved the Tribe... Now, I am Pittsburgh born and raised. The Pirates and Steelers are in my blood, always will be and that is like a given... :-) I am a true-blackngold Steel City native!! :-)

I know I had something I was going to write, and it has escaped me. My wife will remind me, and then I will forget it by the time I can blog again.. :-) That's me - there's a lot of space between my ears..... a lot of space.... :-)

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