Sep 7, 2006

Black-N-Gold are Back-N-Bold!

Pittsburgh wins 28-17!! That is awesome! Yeah, okay, Miller was out of bounds at about the two yard line.... Even so, there is a HUGE chance we still would have scored the TD... The best part, of course, is that Hines Ward is on my fantasy football team.. :-) Big Ben is too, but I benched him this week for obvious reasons (he's out).

Emily and I took Daisy out for a ride before the big game today. Daisy was not happy since she hadnt been ridden in a while... My fault, mostly. The best part was when we put her up and she stood by her feed bucket, stomping her feet and snorting at us. :-) She knew it was supper time! Speaking of suppertime, that girl (Daisy) has really filled out since we've been feeding her and she has lots of grass to munch on! :-)

I'll post more later - right now, I'm hitting the bed!

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