Sep 2, 2006

Sudoku and the Razorbacks

So, I've joined the gazillion people putting pen(cil) to paper and I'm doing sudoku puzzles. I'm still doing the "easy" puzzles, though I've tried a couple of the harder (and some MUCH harder) ones, I have discovered that if I don't concentrate, I can't even do the easy ones.

To that end, I introduce the Arkansas Razorbacks 2006 Football game. Even though USC is kicking our ever-loving rear ends (I am typing this while the game is still going - 4th qtr, presently 44-14), I cannot keep one eye on the game, one eye on our daughter, and my brain on sudoku! :-)

Thought you would think since we are getting KILLED, I would not be keeping one eye on the Hogs, but it *IS* the first game of the season...

BTW, there are HUGE props to EPSN for the special piece they did on Paul Eels! They could have simply mentioned Paul, but to show his picture, play some of his work, and to have talked about what an important part (and loss) of not only the Razorbacks, but Arkansas as a whole, was absolutely top-notch! I applaud ESPN.

And, if you ever find yourself buying a new halter for your horse and are brand new to owning your own horse, I recommend you BRING the halter currently being worn by the horse (if you have one) for comparison sake... We bought Daisy a new halter, and we got it one size too big... Ooops... Well, we made it work, and it looks very good on her! They did not have pink in her size, so we bought a very nice-looking blue one... Also picked up a sweat blade (which I will actually use to squeegee water off her when we bathe her), a couple brushes and combs, some fly spray, and new reins... :-) I've decided we need a tack room and Emily says we need to build "some stables" for Daisy where she could have a few blankets in case Daisy decides she wants to sleep with a blanket a night! :-) Dontcha love kids?? :-)

We also went to Cold Stone Creamery in Texarkana, too... :-) I love that place! Excellent ice cream, for sure! :-)

In the words of Dale and Roy: "Happy trails until we meet again....." (And yes, I am aware that Roy had the tune and Dale wrote the words to go along with it... :-) )

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