Sep 8, 2006

Four-Wheelin and It's FRIDAY!

Yesterday (Thursday), Tyler and Shan's Dad took off on the 4-wheeler together. Lately, Tyler has been riding the ATV, but sticking mainly to first gear. When he came back from his 'venture, he was so excited because he had been taught how to ride and shift gears. :-) I have a feeling we'll never see the boy again, except maybe at mealtime... :-) Or when Pokemon is on, though he uses the DVR for that now, so really that's not going to get him back into the house.. :-)

It is FRIDAY! Okay, okay, so this was a short work week... But, still, IT IS FRIDAY!

And, I checked my fantasy team, and except for the people on there that have zeroes, I am in LAST PLACE! Woohoo!! Seriously, I have never been good at the whole fantasy sports thing. I do it because... Well, honestly I have no idea... :-) Just to do it, I guess. One year, maybe 2 or 3 years ago now, I did every fantasy sport known to man (well, known to THIS man): baseball, hockey, basketball, english futbol (soccer), football, racing, golf.... Yes, fantasy GOLF people! What the blankety-blank is up with that one? Ironically, I actually faired pretty well in golf... Go figure.... Figure... There ya go - fantasy figure skating for the women (or guys, i guess) who don't care for other sports.... How about something like fantasy prime time, where you trade characters from TV shows... Earn your fantasy points based on things like dramatic effect, comedy, one-liners, how many times they roll their eyes or pick up some prop.... You laugh now, but I'm telling you, fantasy games based on TV is coming... Heck, they already have Fantasy Idol... FANTASY AMERICAN IDOL??

We are in the "Information Age." And, with the 5th anniversary of 9/11 coming up, we should be reminded that no matter how much "information" you have, it is useless if we don't look around at what's happening all around us.... No, I am not suggesting we all start taking up arms. Good Heavens, that's like the polar opposite. I just wonder how long this "age" will last before the next one comes along... And, what will be the next one? Once a nation has industrialized, informationalized, then what comes next? Hmm... I'll have to let that one roll around in my head for a bit....

In the meantime, I better go check my eTopps portfolio... :-)

See? Ya just never know.... Thanks for tuning in. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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