Sep 6, 2006

Can you say Kouzmanoff??

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Okay, DUH! How'd I forget to blog this??

Kevin Kouzmanoff gets called up from the minors for the Indians.... "Kevin? Uh, yeah, how'd you like to come play in the bigs for us? Yeah? Okay, we'll see you in a few hours..."

Oh, by the way, if you get called up to the majors, and you REALLY want to impress the whole flippin world, just hit a GRAND SLAM on the very FIRST PITCH you ever see in the Big Show!

Yes, no one has ever hit a grand slam at their very first pitch in the majors! Even if Kouzmanoff fades into the background after this, he will always be the first (and most likely the ONLY) player to EVER hit a grand slam on the very first pitch of a major league career!


ARLINGTON -- Before the game on Saturday, Kevin Kouzmanoff was a discombobulated mess. His plane to Dallas was delayed, he nearly missed his first pregame stretch with the big-league club and he had to ask a random reporter how to get to the dugout from the visitor's clubhouse at Ameriquest Field.

But when Kouzmanoff stepped to the plate with the bases loaded in the first inning of the Indians' eventual 6-5 victory over the Rangers, he certainly looked to be in his comfort zone.

Kouzmanoff swatted at Edinson Volquez's first-pitch fastball, sent it hurtling 417 feet over the center-field wall and found his place in baseball history. He became the third man to hit a grand slam in his first Major League at-bat, and, it's believed, the first to do so on the first pitch.

"It's pretty cool," Kouzmanoff said. "It's pretty hard to top that."

Dumb luck? Incredible skill? Either way - AWESOME!

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