Sep 19, 2006

Fred Fredburger!

I was right... Shan was able to remind me what I was going to blog.... It is Cartoon Network's Fred Fredburger! Have you seen this little guy??

Image of Fred Fredburger

He basically goes around singing his own name over and over and over and over... well, you get the idea... :-)

I am a cartoon junkie. I love cartoons! Okay, I like "CSI" and "Deal or No Deal" and live action stuff, but I love cartoons. Emily has discovered Tom & Jerry as of late, and she HOWLS at the screen no matter how many times she watches the shows! There is nothing like watching your children laugh and laugh... Tyler and Emily will roll on the floor together while they watch cartoons!

Of course, I'm partial to Spongebob myself... :-) Silly, stupid, mindless... Sometimes, it's just what the doctor ordered.... :-)

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