Sep 6, 2006

The Governor, Chips, and Sweet Tea

I had the (good) fortune to be invited to the gala press conference hosted by the Governor, Mike Huckabee, that launched the online professional development portal. This is the online site for which I recently became a certified facilitator. I have to say, it was entertaining - we were told that the Commissioner of ADE (Dr. James) could not be present because he had a root canal the day before. It turns out his pain medicine contains a wee bit of codeine. Evidently, Dr. James took some medicine early this morning and was feeling "the effects" of the codeine... I believe the exact words for his escorted trip home were, "He was pretty loopy." As I mentione, he was ESCORTED home... That was made perfectly clear to those of us in attendance... :-)

Frankly, I think the presenters spent too much time talking about their various contributions to the project, and not enough time explaining exactly what the program is, how it will help teachers in the state, and how it works. But, that's just me... :-)

For the record, the web site is:

So, I've become addicted to some kind of kettle-cooked sea salt and pepper potato chips. This, of course, got me to thinking about my all-time favorite chips: Grandma Utz.... These are the first kettle-cooked chips I ever had, and I became hooked instantly! That, of course, led me to remember eating chipped ham sandwiches back in Pittsburgh (For those of you in the 'burgh reading this, that last sentence reads: eating chip-cham sammitches back in the 'burgh). I have no idea what KIND of ham is used for chipped ham, but there is nothing in the world that compares to chipped ham from Isly's (May be spelling that wrong).... I remember that like it was yesterday... :-) And, that of course, brings back memories of walking to the Mount Vernon Dairy, getting an ice cream dish, and having Jimmies put on it! For those of you that may not know, Jimmies are sprinkles... Specifically, I believe they are chocolate sprinkles (though I call all sprinkles Jimmies)... Yeah, I could google it, but I'll leave that for you to do.. Call it homework... :-)

Now, since I've started the whole food thing, let me say that the Sonic in Hope, Arkansas, does NOT sell sweet tea... Okay, so, what are there like 3 Sonics that actually SELL sweet tea?? Well, all I know is that ONE of those is in Prescott, so I'm covered... :-)

And, for those of you that don't know, I eat peanuts with the shell ON... Okay, I said it. There it is... Yes, it's weird. Think about it, picture it in your head, try it if you dare, and then get over it... :-) I also happen to eat Starburst in the wrapper on occasion... Call it a treat....

Aside from that, I am a NON-MIXER! I do not want my food to touch if at all humanly possible. In fact, if the restaurant world would just serve everything in compartmental trays, I'd be good to go! I also do not eat things that do not follow the natural order of things... For example - potato salad. You COOK potatoes. You eat them HOT. Yes, I know, some people eat HOT potato salad, but that is just trying to get back in the good graces of the food gods, and they know you're just trying to trick them! Another example? Pasta salad. Cold Pizza. French Fries that taste like potatoes. How about the snow pea medley thing? COLD PEAS??? Good heavens, what are you people smoking?? I am also a very (okay, okay, VERY V-E-R-Y) "textural" eater... I cannot and will not eat tapioca pudding based on the TEXTURE alone! UGH... I've tried squash... Tastes great - can't stand the texture... blah! :-)

Okay, I think that's all I have for tonight.... If not, I'll post again... :-) Tune in next time when we see what amazingly bizarre things come from within the deep recesses of my mind.... What will be the next thing to pop into my head???

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