Sep 24, 2006

Just My Luck... and the Steelers.. :-)

Well, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to Cincy... Lots of problems there for sure. Some were Ben's fault, other problems were just stupid mistakes... "Miscues" the pros call it... Ironically, even though they lost, my All-Steeler fantasy team did pretty well this week.. :-)

Last week, I got a call from the movie store in Hope because I hadnt been there to rent a movie in a while. they offered me a free movie. Turns out that we were also there on free movie night, so we got 3 movies for the price of one! Very cool!

We rented Wedding Crashers, Just My Luck, and Bringing Down the House. Wedding Crashers was funny. It was, "Hey, I don't have to think" funny... :-) Silly, stupid, but a good time anyway. :-) Just my luck was cute in that "Nickelodeon" kind of way, though the language was not pre-teen. Yes, I know it is a PG-13 movie, but still...

So, after the movie, we decide to have pizza. I turn the oven on to pre-heat it, get the pizzas out of the box and put them on the cookie sheet. After setting the timer, I came to sit down. After watching some of the Giants/Seahawks game, the timer went off... So, I went in to see if the pizzas were done cooking or if they needed more time. I turned off the timer, opened the over door, and was suddenly reminded that I had NEVER PUT THE PIZZAS IN THE OVEN! Yes, exactly. Nice hot oven, nice cold pizzas on the counter... DUH! I have NEVER forgotten to put pizzas in the oven! The first thing I do after watching "Just My Luck?" Forget to put pizzas in the oven! I'm not saying there's a connection there.... I'm just telling my story... :-) Maybe I shouldn't drive....

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  1. This stuff is hysterical!! Love ya.