Sep 19, 2006

Overhaulin' + Corvette = AWESOME!

Overhauled Vette
HO-LY COW! While surfing through the channels tonight, I decided to see what was happening on Overhaulin... And what I saw blew me out of the water! Some of you know (and some are about to learn) that I am a HUGE Corvette fanatic. I watched with my jaw hanging open for most of the show... This is one tricked out car!
Now, not many people know this, but I have always wanted my vehicle to be Overhauled, Pimp'd, whatever! When I had my 2003 Impala, I wanted it tricked out. Now that I have my Ram 1500 HEMI, I would love to have it tricked out. The biggest trick I want? Call me crazy, but I want a flat screen monitor embedded in the tailgate, protected with that shatter-proof plexiglass stuff. What would be displayed on this monitor? Cool, pulsating graphics that move with the music in addition to displaying the lyrics of whatever song I happen to be slammin out my speakers! :-) Of course, with the DVD player that would be installed in the truck, I could also show movies IN the tailgate! Talk about a tailgate party! :-) Yeah, I have other ideas, but I'll keep those for myself... Just in case... :-)
Where's that sixty mill when I need it?? Dang.

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