Sep 4, 2006

Seedless Watermelon and Soccer

Well, Happy Labor Day to everyone out there in Web-Land! :-)

Got up this morning, surfed channels for a bit and then Emily woke up, so we went out to feed Daisy. While we were at it, we decided to check her water... It was looking a bit on the green side, so Emily helped me empty the water barrel and refill it. Ever give a 4-year old a hose?? Think about that next time it crosses your mind... :-)

We did the cookout thing... I'm pretty sure my knuckles were not quite as.. umm.. pink ... as they are now... ;-) Call it impatience, call it stupidity... In either case, call it SINGED fingers!

After lunch, I had planned to ride Daisy, but Emily had ideas of her own, which led to a round of soccer. Now, I don't know about most 4-year olds, but in my little girl's world, soccer means a lot of different things... First, we start off with simple kicking the ball back and forth... This inevitably leads to my "throwing" the ball in the air to her. Now, before you get ahead of me, you'll notice I put throwing in quotes... You see, in my daughter's eyes, for me to throw the ball means that I get the ball on my foot and kick it sky-high in the air. Then she tries to either head the ball or catch it... Eventually, we began placing two soccer balls at one end of the yard, walking to the other end, then having a race to see who could get their ball first then run back to the starting point. If you haven't seen me in a while (or if you've never met me and couldn't tell by the few photos on here), you notice I am not in the greatest shape... Not even in good shape... Can you say running heart attack?

Of course, this little game gives way to her jumping on the trampoline and having me "throw" the ball onto the trampoline - up and over the safety netting... Of course, the netting is old enough now that it has nice, big holes in it where soccer balls can easily pass through (as well as children, if you're not careful!).

At some point, this game gives way to her convincing me to push her around in her little pink car (it has a push-handle on it, like a stroller almost). As we are running up and down the hills, Shan comes out and gets sucked into the game... Now, we are taking turns pushing emily in her car (BTW, if you push her downhill, you can let go and she travels in a mostly-straight line...) and then going after her... :-)

I think we did that for an hour... or maybe two... I lost track after the knees went out, the hip did a weird 'pop' thing, and the sense of vertigo set in....

That's where the seedless watermelon comes in... We bought one on friday, so I cut it up this afternoon. Emily wanted to know where "the little black things" were... When I told her this was a seedless watermelon, she gave me a look as if I had just landed from outer space and asked where the bathrooms were.... She did, however, ask for a slice, so I gave her one. She took one bite, and decided this just wasn't working for her... Yes, I ate it... :-)

I did manage to watch bits and pieces of the Pirates game, though did not see who won.. I saw the Pirates go from a 5-1 lead to a 5-4 lead, but that was about it...

At about 5:30 (the tima at which I am writing this very sentence), emily is playing with some kind of wind-up car in the kitchen and Shan, Tyler, and Shan's Mom went up to the walking track. I think Tyler took his bike... All I know is that when they come back, they are bringing a nice, big, Route 44 Sweet Tea with them for me.. :-)

Speaking of sweet tea... We went to Sonic in Texarkana on Saturday, and they do NOT have sweet tea!! What the --? How do you NOT have sweet tea in Texas?? I am at a loss.... Which reminds me - we bought lottery tickets (didnt win) and some scratch-offs. Emily won a dollar, and decided to but another scratch-off.... She didnt win, but still wanted the dollar that she won from her other ticket.. Smart girl! :-)

I may take Daisy out for a ride.... I may not... We'll see... :-) I am pretty wiped out from all the running, pushing, kicking, pulling.... Yeah, I'm not in great shape, but I am also not particularly unhappy about it... :-) Not thrilled, but not necessarily unhappy... :-)

I had something else I was gonna say, but ..... I lost it... hmm... Well, if it comes to me, I'll let ya know!

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