Sep 13, 2006

The New Challenger and Fudgecicles...

Dodge has a new Challenger... It is a modern-day version of the '71... Just look at this bad boy:

This thing (due out in '08) will feature a 6.1L HEMI! Ohhhh yeaaaaahhhh!! If I wasn't so hooked on my truck, I could seriously consider trading it in on one of these! Speaking of HEMIs, I am a member of the HEMI Truck Club.. :-) ( My window sticker should be here soon.. :-)

So, what's up with fudgecicles? Have you ever opened a popcicle or a fudgecicle and had the paper stick to the treat and you spend forever trying to peel it off? Well, I thought I'd share a solution I learned a LONG time ago... :-)

Tear off one end of the wrapper (preferably the stick end!). Now, give mouth-to-mouth to the wrapper. Seriously. Place the opened end of the wrapper fully in your mouth, making sure you can blow into it. Gently breathe into the bag. As you blow, you will see the wrapper inflate away from the treat! Now, sometimes, the wrapper is stubborn... No problem, you can either blow harder, or breathe...well...hotter... When the wrapper is fully away from the fudgecicle, quickly pull it out of the wrapper! Voila! :-) Sometimes, you have to repeat the procedure if the wrapper gets 'restuck' to the treat.... :-)

Don't say I never taught you anything.... :-)

On another note, evidently one can use super glue to repair one's fingernail if it gets torn away from your finger.... Okay, not completely torn off, but more like if you catch it on something and tear the nail away without pulling it off.... Personally, I'd just bite it off and go from there... But, Shan decided that she was tired of wearing a band aid, I guess... :-) She did make sure the glue was dry before showing me that she could run her fingers through her hair without getting the hanging nail caught... :-) So, if you weren't aware of this little trick, I've taught you something else... :-) Okay, okay, SHAN taught it THROUGH me... :-P

I've been watching Mythbusters specials where they test various movie-related myths... Hugely entertaining! I especially loved the Dukes of Hazzard car jump... :-) Can you say busted? As in the whole front end of the car!? :-) The jump is great - it's the landing that'll kill ya! :-)

I suppose that's all that has popped in my head this evening, so I'll let you off the hook easy... Be careful out there...

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