Sep 29, 2006

Exchange rates at the supermarket...

While shopping for groceries, we were walking down the cereal aisle (one of my favorite aisles!!), and someone had decided that they no longer wanted their healthy food. On the shelf with the Reese's Cereal was a discarded package of Centrum Silver... So, I got to looking.... A few aisles over, someone had decided that instead of a bag of prunes, they wanted Wheat Thins (a VERY good swap in my book!). And in another aisle, someone had decided they didn't want their black beans anymore, and swapped it out for chips (I believe).

So, I wondered how this worked... You take your list... Ahh, yes, I need some tomato sauce... After grabbing a couple cans, you spot something else... Say, oregano... You put one can of tomato sauce on the shelf, since you don't REALLY need two cans, and swap it out for the large plastic bottle of oregano... A few aisles later, you see it... The oft-coveted box of Hostess Ho-Ho's! Oh yeah, who needs oregano? I can get Ho-Ho's! So, there goes the other can of tomato sauce... Now, you still want sauce for the pasta you're having later, so you rationalize buying Ragu. Well, you still need something healthy.... Let's grab a bag of prunes... Okay, no... Bags of prunes are there for the sole purpose of grocery swapping... Trust me. You put prunes in your buggy and they are the free-for-all swap item of the month! Chips? Candy? Slim Fast? Heck, I'd trade a bag of prunes for Preparation-H for crying out loud!

Which, no self-respecting person is going to check out with Prep-H in their buggy... No way... That's what spouse's are for! Or better yet - KIDS! "Here Johnny, go pay for this for your Mother... Yeah, I know she sent me to buy it, but cant you see my buggy's full of Ho-Ho's, Ragu, and a new socket set??"

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