Sep 10, 2006

Taking a leak....

Why do we say things we don't REALLY mean?? "Hey, I'm going to take a shower." Really? Where are you taking it? Are they hard to carry? Do you have permission to take it?

"I need to take a leak..." Um... No offense, but really, I'd prefer if you LEFT it right where you put in... If you did actually take one, what would you put it in, and just where would you take it? And, more importantly - WHY would you take it with you in the first place??

"I'm going to the bathroom." Makes sense in the house, no so much in the restaurant... Last time I checked, you could not actually bathe in a restaurant... And, yes, I almost said, "you cannot TAKE a bath...."

I think it's funny that we still say things like "Don't touch that dial!" When was the last time you saw a DIAL on the television set? How about the telephone? And a radio? Okay, some radios still have a "dial" but really, you aren't using it to move the little orange station indicator anymore.... It's all digital... My truck even has a dial-knob for the volume control... Remember when you could turn that knob when the vehicle was OFF and it actually affected the volume? Oh, what fun to get into Grandma's car and turn the volume all the way up before anyone got in.. And then, when the car was started, **BAM!!** Everyone would scream and holler and cover thier ears as they dive for the volume control knob!! Ahh... The good ol days... :-)

Do people still say "roll up" the windows? How about "wind up" the windows? I know, not all vehicles have power windows, I was just curious as to which phrase people are using....

Like snow... When snow falls and it accumulates, do you say it's "laying" or "sticking?"

Does anyone in your family (still) refer to the microwave as the "zippy-zapper?"

Yes, these are things that pop into my head on a Sunday afternoon watching football... Well, okay, some of these things came to me after watching a re-broadcast of George Carlin's "On Campus" and Richard Pryor's "Live from the Sunset Strip..." Classic comedy... Of course, Richard Pryor's was on a channel where they silenced the audio everytime he said a "really bad" word... It was like listening to him on a cell phone with a bad connection... :-) "If I don't get the --- I can --- this couch!" Yeah, just not the same.....

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  1. I don't know why people feel it necessary to "announce" to others that they have to relieve themselves. I think one should simply excuse themself. Of course, it's different with young children and their parents.

    Rolling up car windows probably came from the fact that manually operated car windows are opened and closed by operating a crank mounted on the door panel in a rolling or turning motion. Check out what the Brits say for closing a car window. They have weird names for nearly everything. No wonder we wanted to break away from them back in the day 231 years ago. And their food is AWFUL! I mean really, who eats something so horrid as kidney pie?! Yuck! Double yuck! And don't get me started on the Scots: Hagis? Really? And why is it that no matter which pub one goes into everyone is looking for some fellow named "Lou"? But I digress.

    We call our microwave "Devil" j/k :)