May 20, 2009

OMG, Happy Birthday, Dad: It's the AI Finale

Not only is today the AI Finale, but it's Dad's birthday. All I can say is that I imagine Dad is having one heck of a party. And, if he's out there watching Idol in some way, he is gettin his groove on, much to the chagrin of those in charge, I'm sure. :-)

Uhhh, is Adam wearing parachute pants!? What is up with the all-white look tonight? I'm sure there are ACLU/NAACP people going to throw a fit over that one.

Oh, the ubiquitous "Rock Star" gets everyone involved. Seriously, is there a contestant-based TV show that ISN'T using that song at some point during the 'season?' I mean, okay, yes, great song, but man, how about something a little newer or something with about a million fewer radio hours of play time, folks?

I am so glad we have DVR. We are able to move past all the junk no one wants to see. Is there a way for directv to monitor what gets watched and what gets passed over in fast-forward? Man, if not, they should really think about it. Monitor what people are skipping over and send that to Fox. Then, next year's finale can be the 30-minute show it should be.

ROTFL, okay, the whole 'Norman' thing is funny. That is classic.... Oh, yeah, this will be on the Soup...

Man, I am a huge Lil Rounds fan. She is awesome.

Okay, the Jason Mraz folks are more than a bit off... Good thing the song outshines the singers.

Holy crap - Keith Urban!? Wow, it does not get much better than getting to sing with Keith live. That is awesome!

I still like Megan's quirky voice. Dawg, Fergie in the house! Wow, this is a great night for star singers. Shan said, "Hey, this is on SingStar!" (Big Girls Don't Cry). Ah, and now we bring in the whole Black Eyed Peas crew. Yeah, they should have let Fergie in there by herself.

Uh, Katrina has had quite a bit of work done since she was on. Oh, man, Ryan's "I think I know (what's new)" comment was fantastic!! This is hilarious - Kara was funny! That's cool that they'll donate money to charity for that stunt.

Allison and Cyndi. As Shan said, Cyndi looks great. She was the very first concert I ever saw in person, as I've said on here before I'm sure. Man, Cyndi looks the same as she did 20+ years ago. She sings weird as heck as always, but great stuff.

Danny sings Lionel Richie... HOLY SMOKES!! Oh, man, talk about a night of music legends! He still looks good, and smooth as always. Man, these Idols have got to be in awe.

Adam is sporting the 'crow' outfit. I knew he would be singing with KISS. Now, KISS looks as old as they are. Old men wearing their crazy make-up. Granted, it is still KISS, so they're rockin no matter what!

One of the original guitar heroes - Santana! Okay, forget Matt, just let Santana play. Well, these guys are butchering the song. UGH... Except Kris and Danny.

Steve Martin shows off his banjo chops (He has a new album out, did you know that?).

Rod (holy friggin crap!) Stewart! That is (as Shan said) "IMPRESSIVE!" I am so glad we actually stopped to watch the singing because the superstars are well worth watching! Great show!

Geez, Tatiana... That little skit was cute.

OH MY GOSH - Queen!? I cannot believe that got Queen on here, too! This is a 'kid of the 70s-80s' best show ever! Absolutely incredible.

And, Your American Idol is.......

KRIS ALLEN!!!!! Congratulations, Kris!

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