May 25, 2009

Another rainy day

Well, it rained all day today (Sunday). Not a heavy downpour, though for a while it was raining heavily, but enough to foil my weed-whacking plans. So instead, I spent much of the day working on putting baseball card trades together and working on layouts for my various blogs.

At one point, I have a three-column arrangement going on here, but it looked awful, so I reverted back to two columns. Over on my Indians card blog, I created a modified three-column layout that I think will eventually work pretty well. I still need to play with font sizes, colors, and such, but I like it better.

I am the kind of person that likes to change the furniture around. I'm sure I've talked about that before on here. We don't change things around the house much, mainly because it would serve no functional purpose to do so. I'd like to change the office around, but that would mean getting rid of my corner computer desk, and that just ain't gonna happen. Shan got it for me years ago,and it has not only held up well, but it looks good. The office is not built to accommodate the desk in any place other than where it is now, so I just leave things alone. I figure since the house is out of the equation, I'll fulfill my need to rearrange things by changing things on my blogs. :-)

If I forget to wrote tomorrow (Monday), I want to say a VERY special THANK YOU to the men and women who serve everyday of their lives in order to give us freedom. Let us never forget those who came before us, those who serve now, and those will make the decision to serve in the future.

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