May 14, 2009

Not quite roughing it

Mom is back in the hospital. She had a rough day at school on Wednesday and woke up on Thursday asking me to take her to the hospital on my way to work. Well, that ended up leading to the hospital in Texarkana. Frankly, it's worth the drive not to deal with the hospital in Hope. I know that sounds bad, but it's the truth of things these days.

She ended up getting checked in overnight, and I had to take off to help lead a workshop in which I was staying the night. I made sure it was okay with Mom before I left and she was fine with it. Basically, there's nothing I could do but go home anyway, so I just as well get my work done, too.

Well, the meeting is at the 4-H Education Center in Little Rock. It's a series of very nice 'bunk houses' and a huge conference center. Well, huge for being tucked in the middle of the woods!

Here is a statue out front:

And this is my room:

Notice the THREE beds? Notice the lack of a television!? Yes, there is a little clock and they have Internet access. I think I hear the security guard doing room checks. Seriously. I'll let you know if they come knocking on my door...

The meeting was a blast! We had fun learning how to integrate technology and sharing ideas. I also realized I still have some work stuff to do in connection with the TIE group. I'm hoping to get some of that done tonight.

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