May 19, 2009

Idol Tuesday




Adam - Mad World - ummmm, no.

Kris - Aint no sunshine - Could he be the next Billy Joel/piano man? maybe if he cuts loose on the ivories, he might do it. Excellent.

Adam - Long time coming - Wow, he is no Taylor Hicks. This is awful. I would say the same thing if Kris were singing it.

Kris - What's goin on - Okay... I'm not real sold on this one. It's okay, not superstar stuff, I don't think.

Adam - no boundaries - Well, it starts out actually pretty well. This is the most 'normal' I've heard Adam. shan says "NO!" I have to say this is actually okay. I know, I must be overloaded from my jury duty on Monday...

Kris - no boundaries - Did he forget the words there for a sec? Well, he did not start strong, but as he built it up, I liked it more and more. I know I must be sick, but I think Adam actually did better on this song. Though, I like Kris' "Bryan Adams" style on this.

Carrie Underwood's version of "Home Sweet Home" is flat-out incredible!!

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