May 6, 2009

Idol Wednesday

Kris is the first one SAFE!! That is EFF-ARR-EAKIN awesome!! WAHOO! Way to go Kris!

Adam is safe. Not really a surprise, but dang what a bummer. So, he is top three, huh? Let's hope that's as far as he gets...

Danny is safe, which is a HUGE relief! I was afraid he might be in danger of being booted tonight.

Allison is going to have no problem with her career. She is incredibly good for being only 17 years old! She had a great run on Idol and the doors are flung wide open!

Paula's song was cool, but did you noticed she had to use an overabundance of effects in order to pull it off?? "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" had the same thing. Someone needs to wake up realize her career is oh-so-ovah...

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