May 13, 2009

Idol Tuesday (a day late)



Danny - "Dance Little Sister" - We don't know this song. So, based on hearing Danny sing it, I have to say I am not that impressed. Shan likes it. She said, "Nothing would make me pick Adam over him." I agree with Simon, I think there are other TDD songs that would have worked better.

Kris - "Apologize" - Wow, a big hit. Wow. I am impressed. This is a great take on the song and his falsettos are dead on with that little 'scratch' he has in his voice. This is fantastic. Knocked it out of the park.

Adam - "One" - Man, if you want to kill a song, give it to Adam. Any bets on long until he starts screaming? I give it 30 seconds into the song. I'm guessing that Bono gave the green light because he knows Adam would never take U2's place on the radio with this song. And, I was close to the time-until-scream...

Danny - "You are so beautiful" - A little flat or something at the start. I'm not loving this rendition. He sings great, I just don't think this was the right way to go. Shan loves his voice and said, "I wouldn't have picked this song, but I love his voice."

Kris - "Heartless" - Okay, here's a white guy doin' Kanye, taking the song in a totally different direction. I actually like this 'unplugged' version. Kinda has that "plain white t's" feel to it. I like it.

Adam - "Cryin" - Well, that is certainly what everyone should be doing that is listening to this song. Crying from the pain in their ears from the awful screaming. I actually thought he would do "Scream" by Michael Jackson. Is there any way he could get sent home? Please. Seriously.

Who do I *WANT* to go to the finals? Easy. Kris and Danny. Who do I think will be in the final? Kris and Adam.

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