May 20, 2008

These are the Dave's I know, I know....

Okay, let's start with the intro... The boxing thing was pretty stupid except for the "100 lbs soaking wet" line. Let's see what the guys have to sing tonight, and of course how well they sing it... Or I guess I should say "how well they sing THEM" since they'll be singing multiple songs tonight, I'm sure...

David C - "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" - Very good song choice for Cook. Let's see how he does. Very, very well done! Shan wanted to give him a "double yay!" Emily says she gives him 100 yays... LOL!

David A - "Don't let the sun go down on me" - Why do they pick old songs for David A? UGH. I hope he knocks it out, but it'll be tough. I don't think this was anywhere near as strong as Cook's 1st song. Like last week, though, it's not his fault these idiots pick such bad songs for him. Shan wanted to give him a "NAG" - Not As Good.

David C - "Dream Big" - A new song no one had heard. Let's see if he makes it his own. I like it a lot. It has a kind of "Survivor" feel to it and his voice goes well with the song.

David A - "In This Moment" - Let's see if he can make this song his own. This sounds like a Broadway song or something. I am not impressed and think he may have picked the wrong song. I think Cook would have done a better job, though it is seems very reminiscent of the song Jordin Sparks sang last year.

David C - "The World I Know" - I don't think I know this song, or I have forgotten it, whichever. I think I fell asleep during the song and woke up after it was over.. Oh wait, no it only FELT like it... UGH... Okay, what is he crying about?? I missed something, I guess...

David A - "Imagine" - Geez, only the most covered song in the history of music. Okay, let's review here people: this is to be named AMERICAN IDOL, folks... Why pick a slow, overdone song if you are hoping to blow us away!? UGH. Talk about ending the show with a fizzle... Tyler says David A looks like a monkey. I agree.

Okay, America, get out there and vote for COOK!! Let's set the show on it's butt!

Name ----- Shan --- Dave --- Emily
David C --- Y ------ Y ------- Y -
David A --- Y* ----- N ------- ? -
David C --- Y ------ Y ------- Y -
David A --- ? ------ N ------- Y -
David C --- N ------ N ------- Y -
David A --- Y ------ N ------- X -

* - Not as good as Cook's 1st performance.

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