May 5, 2008

Some "Cheese" with that wine?

Okay, I admit it. I rolled on the floor laughing when a friend of mine showed me (or had me listen to, really) Richard Cheese. Have you heard him? Hilarious! He takes songs you have heard on the radio (or at least have heard of, most likely) and turns them into cheesy lounge-act songs! "Baby Got Back" is one of the funniest! You can do a search for him on iTunes, Rhapsody, or just about any other music distributor. Samples can be heard at Yeah, I'm goofy like that...

I pulled a bonehead move the other day with my laptop (no, not the EeePC and not the MacBook, but the Toshiba - heh-heh, have I mentioned I love working with technology!?)... I was poking around, looking for software to convert DVDs to MGPs to play on my EeePC and/or iPod, and I hit a none-too-friendly site. As soon as I did, my anti-virus popped up and said I had an infected file that was blocked. I figured my AV had it cured. WRONG! I was infected and after HOURS of trying to clean the blasted thing, I finally busted out the "Factory Restore" DVD's and set my Tosh back to "out-of-the-box" fresh. Of course, I backed up all (or hope ALL) my important stuff first. Surfers beware, ya just never know these days... Yeesh.

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