May 26, 2008

Disney disaster and (GASP!) fattening ice cream

One site I like to visit is called They highlight bad (some are VERY bad) photos from ads or web sites that really take photo editing to new, often disastrous levels.

While searching through the Disney web site, looking for ideas for this year's summer vacation, I came across the following photo. Can you spot at least six problems:

Here are a few hints:
1. No feet!
2. Bottom of picture ends before bottom of image-size.
3. Flag on left forefront is exact flip (same folding!) of flag on right side bldgs
4. I have no idea what is under left side of bunting at front
5. Check bus 'reflection' vs 'shadow'
6. shopped-in lights on trees (check 'reflections' in water on street) is running a story called "The Most Fattening Ice Cream Flavors." You can read it here...

Okay, let's start with the title: "Most Fattening Ice Cream.." whoa! Stop right there, buddy. It's ICE CREAM! It's fattening! DUH! Who in their right mind eats ice cream to be HEALTHY!?!? Again - DUH! My favorite 'culprit' on the list is Ben and Jerry's "Chubby Hubby." What moron came up with this story and this list, anyway?? If the NAME of the food contains the word "CHUBBY" then only an idiot would think it might have a low-fat content... It's telling you on the label: This is FATTENING, hence we chose to represent its lack of low-fattedness by using the word CHUBBY! Are people really this stupid? Do we need a list of fattening ice cream flavors?? Oh, the article does go on to say, "low-fat alternatives are..." Well, DUH! We know there are low-fat alternatives to ICE CREAM, but when we want ICE CREAM, we aren't looking for low-fat alternatives, are we!? NO!! WE WANT ICE CREAM! - DUH!! Yeesh.

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  1. A little testy last night, were we? Geeze. Did someone pee in your wheaties? er, uh, ice cream?