May 22, 2008

Thank you, ABC (Boston Legal season finale)

Finally, the writers of Boston Legal got something right. Denny Crane was as sharp and deft as his character should be, given it is Crane's last name that appears first on the list of senior partners of the firm. Yes, we know he is battling Alzheimer's. But, finally, the writers of the show gave us back the Denny Crane that made Boston Legal the funny, compelling show that it is!

The writers could have made this an all-out knock-down, friendship-ending episode, and instead left us with what we want (or at least what I want): Alan and Denny, keeping the friendship they have worked so hard to build, walking side-by-side with the "Gone Fishin'" sign hanging on the doorknob.

In today's rush-around gotta-get-it-done world, we all too often lose touch with the folks that we once held so dear as friends. I do not have many friends. That is not a complaint, it is simply a fact of the life I have chosen, and how I have chosen to live it. I have many, many people in my life that I consider casual friends but we do not share any true depth of friendship. As it is in life, some people come and go in our lives, and we have folks that are friends for a while, but then life leads us apart. There are a couple of friendships that I would not trade for anything, and still others that I hope to be able make deeper than their current "surface-level" status.

As Denny and Alan discovered in tonight's fantastic finale, sometimes we just need to go fishing (or some equivalent) with the people we hold so dear to us. I pray my friends forgive me for not tending to the garden of our friendships, and I want them to know that I am already beginning to water the seeds that will make us stronger.

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