May 6, 2008

The Final Four

No, I am not talking about anything basketball-related, though I could be talking hockey-related, I think... Then again, I haven't been paying attention in that, er-umm, arena much lately...

I'm talkin' Idol...

This week was Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame week, and the song choices were as varied as the music in the Hall itself.

David C - "Hungry Like The Wolf" - Nothing like Duran Duran to start the night off. Not too bad of a job, but he should not be singing the "do-do-do-do-do-do-do's." That may have work for LeBon, but not LaCook...

Syesha - "Proud Mary" - I was not the least surprised that Syesha picked Tina T this week. Cabaret? Vegas? Karaoke? Cut it how you want, I didn't like it and I think she could go home depending on how the rest of the night goes. I actually agree with Simon's take on this...

Jason - "I Shot the Sheriff" - Wow. This is bad. I mean this doesn't even count as bad karaoke. UGH... Well, he may have just saved Syesha's spot on the show.

David A - "Stand By Me" - I hate to say this, but this is actually a very good rendition of the song! Very up-to-date! Best performance of the night so far...

David C - "Baba O'Riley" - Can't say I've heard this one before, or if I have, I sure don't recognize it here. His low-end range just sucks on this, and well, really the whole thing is way, way off for me... No dice, man...

Syesha - "A Change is Gonna Come" - I don't like the song to begin with, but I think she did better on this one than she did on her first song tonight. Not anything close to "superstar" or even "star" but not tooooo bad.

Jason - "Mr. Tambourine Man" - Holy crap, he just forgot an entire lyric, possibly the whole friggin verse! What is with you, man!? Of course, he did actually sing more of the lyrics than Dylan probably has in years. Nevertheless, Awful. He should go home.

David A - "Love Me Tender" - Well, he made the song his own, for sure. Not karaoke at all, but for me, not a real knockout either. Still, he was the best all-round performer tonight for sure.

--- Name -- Shan -- Dave --
David C ----- Y ----- ? ---
Syesha ------ Y ----- N ---
Jason ------- N ----- N ---
David A ----- Y ----- Y ---
David C ----- N ----- N ---
Syesha ------ Y ----- Y ---
Jason ------- N ----- N ---
David A ----- Y ----- Y ---

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  1. Jason should have done the Eric Clapton version of I Shot the Sheriff and The Byrds version of Mr. Tambourine Man. You probably don't remember eith of those versions......But Jason was Jason.You don't remember Baba O'Riley by The Who, either. And Syesha's Tina Turner impression was good for me. Even though, my favorite version of Proud Mary is CCR's(Creedence Clearwater Revival), a southern rock band. Which really is who made the song famous first. Though te city is never named in the song where he left the good job, it is somewhere in the south along the Mississippi-the river they are rollin' on. That's your history lesson for tonight.