May 13, 2008

Idol Stooges

Ironically, many of the titles used tonight can be used to describe much of the evening's performances... And so it goes... Longer...I dare you to move (directed at the David's since they pretty much seemed glued to the floor). Unfortunately, "I don't wanna miss a thing" did NOT describe tonight at all. Fever? Maybe, because that's the only excuse some of the performances could have used to rationalize such awful "Final Three" renditions. UGH... All was not bad, however...

Round 1 - Judges smoke something not quite legal and pick the songs:
David A - And so it goes - Very good a Capella work. Not a bad rendition.
Syesha - If I aint got you - Okay, with some better moments in there.
David C - First time ever I saw your face - Uh, no. He tried the rock ballad thing and missed.

Round 2 - Singers suffer effects of second-hand smoke from judges and choose the song:
David A - With You - Stumbled over the lyrics. Shan said "Yes." I said, "Uh, no."
Syesha - Fever - Was this a Vegas strip act? I think there was supposed to be a pole not a chair. It was okay, not great.
David C - Dare you to move - It was okay. I do not like his low-end vocal work. This sucked compared to the original version.

Round 3 - Producers smoke the rest of the something not quite legal and pick songs:
David A - Longer - Oh, puh-leaze... No, no, no. This is a bad choice no matter who got stuck with this old song. A bit karaoke, but not his fault. Awful song choice, but okay performance.
Syesha - Hit me up - Fun, energetic, well done. She is radio-bound for sure!
David C - I dont wanna miss a thing - Well, he missed alright. Predictable choice for him. Weird string arrangement in there. Forgettable and awful. Really. It sucked.

Our picks and Pans:

Artist --- Shan --- Dave ---
David A ---- Y ------ Y ----
Syesha ----- ? ------ N ----
David C ---- ? ------ N ----
David A ---- Y ------ N ----
Syesha ----- Y ------ Y ----
David C ---- ? ------ N ----
David A ---- Y ------ Y ----
Syesha ----- ? ------ Y ----
David C ---- Y ------ N ----

This picture was sent to me at work... Just about says it all, huh?

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