May 18, 2008

Anniversary Celebration, Pens Win!

Today (Sunday, the 18th) is Shan's and my anniversary! We actually celebrated yesterday (saturday) by going out to eat and then to see "What Happens in Vegas." Oh, wait, I forgot... We ACTUALLY started out yesterday by working four hours up at the city pool before we came home and cleaned up. I spent most of the time fixing some of the plumbing problems and Greg and I managed to get one toilet working in each restroom. The other two are "industrial" type toilets, so fixing them is not as easy. What a pain...

Shan and I ate out at Texas Roadhouse, but took it easy because we knew we would be going to grab some popcorn and Milk Duds at the movies afterward. "What Happens..." is a very good chick-flick/date movie, and was actually better than I thought it was going to be - after all, it has Ashton Kutcher for crying out loud. But, despite his general 'dorkiness,' it was a very cute, sweet movie. Of course, I'm looking forward to next week when "Indy" returns to the big screen!! WOOHOO!!


'nuff said! (pictures edited from various sites into collage)

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! What is it? 17 years now? Wow! (I Say it louder).

    Pittsburgh's going for a Stanley Cup! Yea Pens!